quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Curriculum (CV)

                   A Curriculum is a professional description form of one also containing their professional objectives, your personal data and your qualities depending on the profession. CV (Curriculum Vitae)  is a necessary document for the individual seeking a new job. It will be required to be contained in all previous professional experiences, information on their academic life and personal data.
                   But everything you put on your resume needs to be linked with his professional pursuit, so the assessor can assess just what enteressa the post. So be objective, and separate their qualifications according to what you want. Preferably at most one sheet.

Job Interview

                   A job interview is usually a questionnaire basis, in order to define their professional qualities and his way as a person, for example, if you get stressed fast, if you have agility for the position, if you do not have any emotional problems you may you influencionar at work, etc.
                   To prepare a job interview, you can prepare questions to set the canditado as a person, making it relates to something that defines it. Take tests in languages which the candidate shows knowledge. It is also can do some imaginative simulations, for example, tell a work situation (if the position has contact with customers, it's interesting to propose the sale) to see how he would behave and solve the problem.

What you should do in a Job Interview
- Demonstrate mastery in more than one language.
- Show confidence in you
- Be honest in curriculum and in Interview
- Having posture from the dress to the behavior (not wear casual clothes, but did not seem too exaggerated.)
- Be polite
- Show who you are, but only in a formal way.

What you shouldn't do in a Job Interview 
- Use slang and vulgar words.
- Demonstrate that it is nervous 
- Lie 
- Be sloppy
- Present a bad image
- Wear too much makeup
- Chew gum, eat or drink something 
- Don't use cellphone