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Workability is the ability that you have and can apply in your work ( job). This is more or less like the knowlodge of work in group/teams and you apply it in your work, or what you learn in your university course or in another kind of course,

Employability is defined like "doing value creating work, gettong paid for it - and learning at the same time". This can help to get a work in future. Maybe this involve your personal abilities and knowlodge about yourself, and about your job area. Making you "flexible" in time to get a work or in job market. An example is you have a lot of kinds experiences that makes you can get a lot of kinds of jobs, It is very good in bad times like now, the person who have this skill have good chances to get a job and never be in a bad situation like unemployed.

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Curriculum (CV)

                   A Curriculum is a professional description form of one also containing their professional objectives, your personal data and your qualities depending on the profession. CV (Curriculum Vitae)  is a necessary document for the individual seeking a new job. It will be required to be contained in all previous professional experiences, information on their academic life and personal data.
                   But everything you put on your resume needs to be linked with his professional pursuit, so the assessor can assess just what enteressa the post. So be objective, and separate their qualifications according to what you want. Preferably at most one sheet.

Job Interview

                   A job interview is usually a questionnaire basis, in order to define their professional qualities and his way as a person, for example, if you get stressed fast, if you have agility for the position, if you do not have any emotional problems you may you influencionar at work, etc.
                   To prepare a job interview, you can prepare questions to set the canditado as a person, making it relates to something that defines it. Take tests in languages which the candidate shows knowledge. It is also can do some imaginative simulations, for example, tell a work situation (if the position has contact with customers, it's interesting to propose the sale) to see how he would behave and solve the problem.

What you should do in a Job Interview
- Demonstrate mastery in more than one language.
- Show confidence in you
- Be honest in curriculum and in Interview
- Having posture from the dress to the behavior (not wear casual clothes, but did not seem too exaggerated.)
- Be polite
- Show who you are, but only in a formal way.

What you shouldn't do in a Job Interview 
- Use slang and vulgar words.
- Demonstrate that it is nervous 
- Lie 
- Be sloppy
- Present a bad image
- Wear too much makeup
- Chew gum, eat or drink something 
- Don't use cellphone

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The interview was made with a shopkeeper. He said his career choice was by necessity. He attended buildings, but this area has a small labor market and still ask for routed in this area call for qualification. And his desire is professional in the area of veterinary

"Life, the Universe and Everything"

       Vocation is a set of skills that you bring from when you were born. Skills is when you are born with the ease of doing something, but you did not know already born, you are born with a tendency to have the skills, it is necessary to be exposed to the subject so you know if you have skills or not.

      Although many people choose their profession for the wrong interests, a career is a search increase in their profession, something you want to do a lifetime and it all depends on your interest in the profession. That is, a career is a path you want to follow to achieve your career goal.

     A profession is the act of professing to exercise the office of something. Most professional choices are for 'wrong' interests and end up bringing the dissatisfaction of those who exercise it. The professional choice should be the composite of their skills and tastes, thus leading to descorberta of his vocation. However it is very common for people to choose the profession by economic interest or status. My professional choice, I've had decided, but now I'm suffer doubts because I sow that have somethings I would like too and I can see me working in it. But my main choice is civil engineer because I like math and projects of house too. So I think I would like to work in it.

     Job market is a large and demanding number of offers and requests for work. For example, the medical field today is a technically great field, but also very demanding. And as an engineer professions is more difficult for an engineer to be necessary only one in companies. The labor market has changed a lot over the decades. Today they require experience, but prefer new people to work, require use of technology and the person understand the technology and depending on the area they seek even more.

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Self-Awareness: I thing the most important thing that a person need to be happy is know yourself. How can you be happy if you don't know yourself, what do you happy? You have to know yourself if you want a good life. If you know everything about you, your problems gonna be soooooo small.  So, for me it is important to you life, more to the self part, than the social part. I know that I don't know every part of me and this make me cry sometimes, and let me inside my problems, that I can't  go out. 
Motivation: For me, motivation is the thing that help you do something that can be bad or good in your life. An exemple is 'I gonna tell that I like to the boy that I fell in love' some people gonna say that I right and this is gonna be good for me, or another gonna help me to do this, or others gonna say that is be ridiculous and I gonna be bad because of this. Or can be with yourself, like you studied so much and was good in the test, you shw to youself that you can do this . For me, for exemple, depends, Sometimes I do something that I be happy with the results, and something my friends or my family help me and incentivate to do something.

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About me

HELLO! My name is Gabriele de Andrade, I am from Brazil (Curitiba- PR), I am 15 years old and I study in Sesi Internacional. So... I don't know a lot of me because I am complicate, I have depression, maybe I am bipolar and I am "cabeça-dura". So, this blog is a work to the subject Learning Projects and here I have to talk about a lot of themes these the teacher pass to us (my classmates and I). Well motivation to me? My motivation is that have few people that I love and love me back and they want my better to I have the better to me in the future. I think I can't exist without they. I be motivate if someone show me the good things that I have in my life and I couldn't give up now ( yes, I can't see the good things in my life, that is a problem). My problems happen because I can't do my best, I am a weak person, I can't believe in myself. So a motivation to me is show me the good part of me. So, a good motivation that I have now is my boyfriend. Yes, he helps me to do my best and since I am with him I can project my future. Now I decide, I want to graduate civil engineer, I want a family, I want to have kids before my 30 years. I want to be happiness with myself and my life, I want to be better with my problems. I want to travel around the world, I want to live, I will hate know that I don't wnjoy my life, that I will die without achieve my dreams, this is my only fear about dead.